PLASSER American (PAC) has acquired what it says is the world’s first hybrid rail milling machine which will be delivered by Robel and its partners Schweerbau International (SBI) and Vogel & Plötscher in summer 2022.

The three unit machine is fitted with a hybrid drive system featuring a battery and an exhaust reduced diesel range extender. SBI has specifically developed the vehicle design, drive system and milling technology to meet the maintenance requirements of transit systems in North America.

Robel has confirmed that the milling machine will also fit into the tightest tunnel clearances in North America. Robel highlights that similar machines are used on the London Underground network.

The Romill CMS3e is fitted with the latest electric milling technology for reprofiling of low quality track that could not previously be treated by rail milling. This spark and dust free rotational cutting process includes by-product collection on the train which can be recycled. The machine also creates a high-performance polishing process which creates a noise-optimised surface finish.