GTAA and Metrolinx will also evaluate additional potential transit connections, such as with the Eglinton Crosstown West Light Rail Transit corridor. The two entities say the integration of transit projects into Canada's busiest airport will help connect the country’s second largest employment zone and reduce highway congestion.

“Toronto Pearson is Canada’s gateway to the world and a key driver of jobs, trade and tourism,” says Mr Howard Eng, president and CEO of the GTAA. “The GTAA is committed to working with Metrolinx to improve transit. These studies will help to connect our region for the benefit of passengers, airport workers, local businesses and residents.”

Metrolinx and the province of Ontario are developing an environmental assessment for a project to segregate freight and passenger traffic in the Northwest Greater Toronto Area (GTA) as part of the province’s high-speed rail plans.

Metrolinx says that as part of the environmental assessment phase, Ontario is working with the GTAA to explore options to connect two-way, all-day Go Transit services on the Kitchener line to the planned Regional Transit and Passenger Centre, a multi-modal transport hub and passenger facility which will be built at Pearson.

“We are excited to be moving ahead with our partners to explore all options available,” says Mr Phil Verster, president and CEO of Metrolinx. “By strengthening connections among communities along the innovation corridor between Kitchener-Waterloo, Pearson Airport and Toronto, we will work to deliver faster, more frequent service for our customers.”