POLAND’s National Board of Appeal (KIO) has dismissed an appeal from Stadler and Skoda Transportation over the tendering process launched by Polish regional operator PolRegio to purchase up to 200 EMUs.

Stadler and Skoda had argued that PolRegio's criteria for the tender made it uncompetitive. KIO had previously ruled that bidders could offer trains with an articulated configuration and aluminium bodyshells, but PolRegio decided such bids would not receive the 10 additional percentage points awarded during evaluation to bids offering a conventional, non-articulated train configuration and steel bodyshells, a decision the manufacturers disagreed with.

PolRegio argued that the preference for non-articulated train bogies did not  exclude manufacturers such as Skoda, Stadler and Pesa which have all supplied trains of this type.

KIO ruled that PolRegio had presented factual evidence, supported by expert opinion, on the credibility of the tender process which dismissed the manufacturers’ concerns.

“We are pleased with the decision of the KIO, which objectively assessed the quality and weight of Polregio’s arguments,” says PolRegio president, Mr Artur Martyniuk. “We have proved that it is in our interest, as a public carrier, to have a specific train configuration, resulting among other things from the best knowledge of our resources and the possibility of their optimal use during the long-term maintenance of the newly purchased rolling stock.”

PolRegio issued a tender for the supply of up to 200 EMUs in May, to replace its older rolling stock. The tender called for trains in two variants: up to 60 EMUs with 130 to 160 seats and up to 140 EMUs with at least 210 seats. The trains will operate under 3kV dc electrification, with a maximum speed of 160km/h.

The new trains must be able to operate in multiple, with spaces for wheelchairs and bicycles, two toilets per train, an onboard passenger information system, Wi-Fi and onboard ticket vending facilities.

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