CAF will supply four series 6000 trains for Line 1, and six series 5000 trains of which two trains are for Line 3 and four are for Line 5 at a total cost of €75m. Alstom will supply two series 9000 trains for Line 4 at a cost of €17m. TMB intends to purchase the trains through a leasing deal.

Faced with growing demand, and record ridership in 2017, TMB has drawn up plans to increase capacity particularly on lines 1-5 which are the busiest on its network. TMB is currently deploying a greater proportion of its fleet than normal by putting trains which are scheduled for maintenance into service. Last year, TMB put seven additional trains into service during peak periods on lines 1, 2 and 5, and this year it intends to operate almost its entire fleet during peak hours to cope with demand.

The additional 12 trains will enable TMB to have 144 trains in service each day, which is 17 more than today and 24 more than in January 2017. This will enable TMB to reduce headways on lines 2 and 4 to below 3min 30s, and to under 3 minutes on lines 1, 3 and 5.

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