Friuli Venezia Giulia placed a €45.6m order in March 2011 for eight of the five-car trains, designated ETR 563, with options for additional intermediate vehicles to lengthen them to six cars, and up to 26 additional trains. The contract includes maintenance for the first year of operation.

The 160km/h articulated emus, which are being assembled at CAF's Beasain plant in Spain, are due to enter service early next year and will be certified for operation in Italy and Slovenia. The region is considering ordering four additional sets to operate cross-border services into Austria.

Each 91.6m-long train seats 297 passengers and is equipped with CCTV and video entertainment.

The ETR 563 has three powered bogies with frame-mounted asynchronous traction motors and monoblock wheels with surface-hardened rims. The primary suspension consists of rubber springs and the secondary suspension is pneumatic.