The region placed an €85m order in 2011 for eight trains, including four ETR 564 sets which are equipped for cross-border operation into Austria and Slovenia. CAF was subsequently fined €4.5m for the late delivery of the trains, which were due to enter service in 2013.

The late introduction of the fleet was caused by delays in obtaining authorisation from Italy's National Railway Safety Agency (ANSF), which was finally granted last month.

The Civitys will replace the 40-year-old Ale801/940 EMUs on the Tarviso - Trieste line and will enable a reduction in journey time on the route from December.

The five-car trains are 91.6m long and accommodate up to 560 passengers, 297 of them seated. Some seats can be removed to enable the trains to carry up to 30 bicycles.

Each train is named after a major regional town, including Trieste, Gorizia, Pordenone and Udine and carries the white and blue livery of the Udine Cividale railway, which is 100%-owned by the region.

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