Talgo global purchasing director Mr Jose Ignacio, strategic purchasing director Mr Carlos Rodrigo, CRRC Sifang chairman Mr Kong Jun and deputy general manager Mr Yao Xiaoqiang attended the signing event.

The F070 train infotainment system consists of internal and external train displays, a media server, in-car LCD TVs and passenger entertainment terminals. CRRC Sifang will provide a complete set of hardware and software programs. Each train will be installed with more than 500 passenger entertainment terminals, which passengers can use to watch video on demand, listen to music, obtain travel information and call attendants, while Wi-Fi enables data interaction.

CRRC Sifang says the project is the first time it has exported its train infotainment system directly to a European original equipment manufacturer, and also the first time it has exported the electrical products with independent core technology to the European market. It says the deal lays a solid foundation for the company's international expansion.