ČD says it wants to organise seven public tenders, if possible by the end of this year, for the supply of new vehicles. ČD will sign general agreements with winners of the tenders but will only purchase the vehicles if it secures part of the funding necessary for their purchase from the Czech Operational Programme for Transport II, or if concludes agreements with the entities contracting transport services with regard to settlement of costs associated with their introduction.


“Within the framework of seven public contracts we will be looking for manufacturers of 90 coaches and 31 electric units for long-distance transport, 30 EMUs and eight DMUs for regional transport and five push-pull sets for regional transport,” says Mr Michal Štěpán, ČD board member for passenger transport.

ČD is currently working on its post-2019 business plan, when some of the long-term contracts made with the regions and the state will end. The number of vehicles required is based on negotiations conducted with individual regions and on plans published by the Czech Ministry of Transport as part of the process of opening the long-distance passenger market.

“If we want to succeed in the competition fight, we must be prepared to fulfil the wishes of the contracting entities,” says Mr Miroslav Kupec, ČD board member for technology, service and property. “Thanks to the general agreements, we will already have selected suppliers in advance, and if we are awarded the transport service contracts, we will be able to order production of new vehicles at once. At the same time, we will be able to draw subsidy from the Operational Programme for Transport II, intended for rolling stock renewal in regional transport. Of course, we are ready to co-finance the purchase.”

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