The new light-weight Model 330 trains are designed to boost passenger capacity, particularly during the morning and evening peak. The train features MHI's G-Fit longitudinal seating which boosts seating capacity by 19 compared with existing sets, while offering an overall capacity increase of 97 passengers in each five-car train. The trains are also 1.5 tonnes lighter than existing models used on the line, which is made possible through the use of a double-skin aluminium body structure.

MHI says the reduction in train weight reduces energy consumption and increases service life for components. The trains also utilise new T-smover bogies, which are lightweight, offer low noise and vibration, and are straightforward to maintain.

The 9.7km Nippori – Toneri line connects Nippori station in Arakawa-ku with Minumadai-shinsuikoen station in Adachi-ku. Ridership has increased steadily since the line opened in 2008, which combined with new developments along the line, led to the procurement of the additional rolling stock.

In addition, the bureau is also set to introduce new two-car 1372mm-gauge LRVs on the 5km Arakawa light rail line, Tokyo's only remaining Toden tram line, from September 18, with delivery set to conclude in early 2016. The vehicles utilise a variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) system to convert the line's 600V dc overhead power supply to ac thereby increasing energy efficiency.

MHI interior