The trains entered service in August following modifications to correct problems discovered in the initial operation of the first 19 trains which started operation with Korail in March 2010.

The 300km/h 10-car KTX-Sancheon train, which can operate in multiple, was designed and manufactured by Hyundai Rotem in Korea. The certificate was awarded because the KTX-Sancheon trains demonstrated that they could operate reliably following the improvements. These included fitting a totally-enclosed electronic contactor to prevent dust entering the train during operation, and improvements to the automatic coupling system to allow easy coupling and uncoupling of two trains at an intermediate station.

"We overcame several disadvantages such as difficult service conditions due to Korea's distinctive seasonal changes which influence trains, tracks, signalling and catenary, multiple train operation to double passenger capacity, and operation on both high-speed and conventional lines," says Korail. "By doing so, we earned the public confidence in the technology and thereby paved the way for us to compete for high-speed train projects in Brazil, the United States and the other countries overseas."