De Lijn placed an initial order in 2012 for 38 Flexity 2 vehicles for Antwerp and 10 for Ghent. Delivery of the first batch is now underway, with the first vehicles entering service in Ghent on May 11. The 43m-long LRVs will replace ageing PCC trams while providing a 40% increase in capacity.

Under the latest order Ghent will receive 16 more 43m-long bi-directional vehicles, which will accommodate up to 378 passengers. Antwerp will receive 24 unidirectional vehicles, including 14 43m-long units, which will accommodate up to 380 passengers, and 10 31m-long LRVs with capacity for up to 266 passengers. All of the vehicles on order will be 2.3m wide.

De Lijn is currently tendering for a contract to supply new trams to operate on the West Flanders coastal line linking Knokke, Ostend and De Panne.