The survey of new-build rolling stock production published this month is based on company results for 2012 and 2012-13. It shows the top 10 manufacturers generated new vehicle revenue of €13bn or 65% of the global market with the top 20 generating 85% of revenue.

The two big Chinese rolling stock producers continue to dominate the market. CNR is in top position with a rail vehicle turnover of €6.6bn followed closely by CSR with €6.3bn.

Bombardier is in third place with a new build turnover of €4.2bn followed by Alstom on €3.3bn.

Transmashholding is steadily climbing up the chart, with revenue increasing by almost 100% since 2009 reflecting the revival of the Russian market, and the company is now in fifth place.

Stadler, previously unlisted, jumps into sixth place due to very strong sales in 2012. Siemens is now in seventh position followed by GE Transportation.

Demand for freight wagons was very strong in 2012, marking the end of the slump caused by the economic crisis, allowing Uralvagonzavod and Trinity Industries to move into the ninth and tenth slots respectively.

Despite strong performance in 2012, CAF, Hyundai-Rotem and Kawasaki could not match the growth of the three newcomers and therefore slipped out of the top 10.

Other manufacturers could be contenders for a future top 10 spot. SCI Verkehr notes that Pesa, Poland, is a supplier to watch with new build revenue growth of 100% since 2009. But with revenue of €450m in 2012 it is still some way off entering the top 10.