The first train was despatched by the mayor of Warsaw, Ms Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz (pictured), together with the CEO of Warsaw Metro, Mr Jerzy Lejk, and the CEO of Siemens Rail Systems Mr Jochen Eickholt.

Inspiro is a new generation of metro train designed for Siemens by BMW's US subsidiary Designworks. The trains feature four sets of doors on each side, full-width inter-car gangways, and are free of interior equipment cabinets. Each train can accommodate up to 1500 passengers with seats for 244.

To reduce train weight, the car body is made of aluminium and a new type of cork-aluminium floor weighing 30% less than a conventional floor is used which also helps to dampen noise and improve heat insulation. In addition, air ducts are made of textile rather metal. Siemens says that 94.8% of the materials used on Inspiro can be recycled.

Each train has four motored cars and two trailers with two-thirds of axles driven. Each motored car is powered by four self-ventilated asynchronous traction motors.