To fund the order the government is planning to increase its 2018 budget for modernisation of the train fleet from NKr 1.2bn ($US 150m) to NKr 3.5bn.

The order will enable the replacement of class 92 DMUs currently used by Norwegian State Railways (NSB) on regional services in the Trondheim area as well as older inter-city trains used on peak services on the Østfold Line and the Vestfold Line.

Since 2012 Stadler has supplied 87 Flirt EMUs to Norway, including 36 type 74 and 51 type 75 sets. A further batch of 20 type 75 sets is currently being delivered.

The latest order will include two bi-mode (diesel and electric trains), which will enter service from April 2021.

In addition to the new trains, Norske Tog is planning to upgrade its older Flirts with passenger Wi-Fi, at-seat power sockets and new passenger information systems.