The trains are scheduled to be delivered in second half of 2024 and will enter commercial operation at the end of that year.  

The contract covers the provision of spare parts for a period of five years, and also includes an option for 10 more sets.

The trains will be equipped to operate under both 25kV 50Hz ac and 3kV dc electrification to enable operation across Estonia’s entire network, which employs both systems.

The trains will initially be employed on the Tallinn - Tartu line, where electrification works are currently underway, with a completion date of 2024.

The trains will offer a higher seating capacity than Elron’s current rolling stock and will feature folding seats to create extra seating capacity when necessary, as well as multi-functional areas for use by bicycles, wheelchairs and pushchairs. 

The multi-functional areas will be distributed throughout the new trains to improve accessibility compared with current rolling stock, where the areas are primarily accessed through a single set of doors. The trains will also be equipped with vending machines.

Two offers for the tender were submitted following the opening of applications in January, with Skoda outbidding Stadler.

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