Stadler says the high value of the Swiss Franc and high wages Switzerland make it imperative to increase efficiency to remain competitive in export markets. Stadler has found a 70,000m2 site in St Margrethen which has rail access and has applied for permission to rezone the site and adapt the building.

“The rented infrastructure in Altenrhein is very out of date and the owner has not shown any willingness in recent years to make the necessary investments and to carry out renovations,” Stadler says. “As a result, productivity at this location is limited and competitiveness in the international environment is weakened.

“The planned investment is a clear commitment to Switzerland as a business location,” Stadler continues. “The relocation only affects the production site in Altenrhein. The headquarters in Bussnang, the competence centre for bogies in Winterthur and the commissioning centre in Erlen are not affected.”