SBB placed an SFr 980m order last May for 29 multi-system trains, which have been dubbed Giruno after the Romansh word for buzzard. Each 200m-long 11-car articulated train will accommodate 403 passengers.

Production will start early next year and the fleet will enter service from the end of 2019, initially between Milan and Basle/Zurich.

The model includes first-class and a second-class accommodation, a coach for passengers with restricted mobility, a restaurant car and driver's cab. Over 270 concrete proposals have been made over the last six months for optimising the overall design concept, the first phase of which is due to be finalised at the end of next month.

Stadler Gotthard mock up1

Stadler SBB Interior LARGE 1st

Stadler SBB Interior LARGE 2nd

Stadler SBB Interior LARGE 3