The new 60m-long EMUs, which will replace 40-year-old Mandarinli trains, will be four-car articulated sets mounted on a conventional bogie at each end and three intermediate Jakobs bogies, with eight low-floor entrances per side. The trains will be designed for rapid acceleration and will operate on lines electrified at 1.25kV dc. Three sets must be capable of operating in multiple.

The design of the trains must be optimised to minimise weight, energy use and maintenance requirements to achieve low operating costs.

The EMUs will be fitted out to high standard with air-conditioning, an information and entertainment system, mobile phone repeaters to boost the signal, CCTV, and an automatic fire extinguishing system.

The deadline for tenders is December 14 and bids will be opened in private on December 18. The order is scheduled to be executed between June 1 2016 and November 30 2020.

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