The project undertaken by the RC2 consortium of TSO, Mobility, ETF and Setec Ferroviaire consists of the complete rebuilding of the 30km line, starting with the replacement of the overhead electrification equipment om the line, which varies from four to eight tracks.

The work is due to start in January 2020 and finish in December 2023, and will be carried out without interrupting the operation of Line C.

French National Railways (SNCF) is planning to replace the current equipment, which requires the regular suspension of passenger services for repairs and maintenance, with a new 1.5kV electrification system that is considered safer, more reliable and better performing. SNCF intends to standardise its network and the RC2 consortium has decided to design and manufacture new machines to perform the various operations.

The fleet of nine vehicles that will be designed and built by Tesmec with the RC2 consortium will consist of:

  • two vehicles with recovery reels
  • one vehicle equipped with a stringing system and devices for the installation of new contact wires
  • two vehicles for wire support and working platforms for mounting operations on the cantilevers
  • one vehicle equipped with a stringing system for specific operations of wire installation
  • one vehicle for cable fixing, and
  • two vehicles for the installation of droppers.

As part of the €277m project, RC2 will replace 180km of catenary, install 2000 masts, and remove and install 540km of cables.