The model 15-6880 tank wagon has a payload capacity of 73-tonnes and a tank volume of 88m3, allowing an additional 2 tonnes of freight to be carried compared with previous designs, and is equipped with a 25-tonne axle-load bogie. The overhaul mileage for the wagon is 1 million km, resulting in a reduction in maintenance costs over the wagon’s life cycle.

Methanol is a highly hazardous substance with restrictions on the types of wagon that can be used for transport. In order to meet environmental protection standards and ensure that humans are not exposed to any of its harmful effects, the wagons are equipped with safety valves with a foil-clad rupture disc, preventing exposure of the methanol and its vapours to the environment.  

The wagon’s loading and discharge valves are located in the upper part of the tank wagon. The entire valve fitting is closed with a sliding cap fitted with a locking device to provide additional protection against unauthorised access.