Norway's ERTMS programme is estimated to cost €1.7-2.2bn with €750m already allocated for work between 2014 and 2023 under the government's National Transport Plan.

In addition to ERTMS infrastructure, the project will include fitting up to 600 vehicles of 83 different types with ERTMS equipment and Specific Transmission Module (STM) equipment to allow operation during the migration period. A new national traffic management system will also be installed to replace three existing systems.

The framework agreement with Atkins will enable its experts to provide technical consultants with the required understanding of ERTMS, including system integration, traffic management systems, and lineside signalling. The duration of Atkin's initial framework agreement is two years with options to extend at the end of the contract period.

"Most of [the existing] systems, which are mainly relay-based, will reach the end of their design life during the project's timescale, so this renewal work is vital for ensuring continual reliability for passengers now and in the future," says Mr Olav Aarresrad, director of transport at Atkins Norway.