Procurement is divided into two lots, one for 250km/h trains and one for 350km/h sets and each lot is split into five packages.

The 250km/h lot covers 204 trains including 40 CRH1 trains, 114 CRH2s, and 50 CRH 5s. These trains will be equipped with CTCS-2, which has a similar architecture to the French TVM300 system with track circuits used for block detection and movement authorities.

The 350km/h lot involves equipping 536 trains including 186 CRH380As, 210 CRH380Bs, and 140 CRH380Ds. These trains will be fitted with CTCS-3, which is equivalent to ETCS Level 2 with a CTCS-2 backup.

Four of the five packages in each lot will be open to competitive tender with the CRH1 and CRH380B lots being single-source procurement.