The depot consists of five covered workshops all with separate rail access where servicing, maintenance and repair work on the network's vehicles takes place. At present the depot is controlled from a relay interlocking situated at Barmbek. To carry out the upgrade, this control area will be separated from the old interlocking and replaced by the Alister interlocking with the order including implementation of electronic interfaces to the adjacent relay interlocking, the central operations and monitoring control system and the depot warning and door control systems.

It is possible to operate the interlocking from a local workstation at the interlocking building at the depot, by remote control from the control centre in Barmbek, or from Hamburger Hochbahn's operations control centre.

The latest contract follows the successful installation of Alister SIL 2 at Hamburger Hochbahn's smaller Saarlandstrasse depot in late 2012.