The Hitachi system will interface with Thameslink's signalling programme which is being delivered over multiple phases by Siemens and is due for completion by May 2018.

In 2014 Network Rail selected Thales as the first supplier for its traffic management programme with a contract to equip centres at Cardiff and Romford east of London.

Network Rail has previously chosen Thales, the Signalling Solutions joint venture between Alstom Transport and Balfour Beatty Rail (since May 2015 wholly owned by Alstom) and Hitachi to develop prototypes for NR's new traffic management system rollout using their existing systems for testing.

Hitachi has previously supplied traffic management systems to several railways in Japan including JR West, JR East and JR Central. The Hitachi system covers: traffic and train/crew planning; automatic route setting; power supply and infrastructure management; operational information for both passengers and staff; and real-time maintenance information. The system can also support driver-only and driverless operation where required.