Sitra+, which was first developed in 2017, offers data in real time and can be integrated with several Adif systems. Using information provided by the systems that control the different areas of rail operation, the Sitra+ system provides functions such as monitoring of train location, determining crossing points and the detection of possible delays. Sitra+ data also supplies information to and benefits from several external Adif systems such as customer information systems, and will be used to set track access charges.

Indra says the new version of Sitra+ will be a major improvement in terms of functionality and scalability, as it will incorporate the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Siemens Mobility will be responsible for developing the automatic traffic enumerator/router that will integrate the tool and help operators performing regulatory tasks, including communications interface functions between the new Sitra+ and the Centralised Traffic Control Systems (CTC). This will allow most of the usual traffic management operations to be performed directly from Sitra+ providing several advantages for traffic optimisation, punctuality and customer information without the need for additional tools.

As well as developing Sitra+, Indra is also finishing implementation of a new planner for the Adif network, which will facilitate more efficient scheduling of network usage and automatically supply various systems with the necessary information for daily network operation.