QUEENSLAND Rail (QR) passed a significant milestone in preparation for the commissioning of Brisbane's Cross River Rail twin-bore tunnels when a train from the Next Generation Rollingstock (NGR) fleet completed its first low-speed ETCS dynamic test on the Shorncliffe Line.

The testing completed to date has involved ETCS-fitted trains successfully transitioning between ETCS Level 0 and ETCS Level 2, connecting with all on-track electronic transponders (balises), and switching between the trackside radio base stations.

QR also confirmed that level crossings and other field equipment have been effectively controlled by the interlocking and operated in accordance with its standards.

Progress has also been made on integrating the traffic management system with the interlocking in the Rail Management Centre.

Rigorous testing of the system will continue and the success of this sub-system and integration level testing paves the way for gradual software updates, testing of specific ETCS functionality, and full system testing and validation later this year.

The first stage of introducing ETCS has been to install a pilot on the Shorncliffe Line. Over the past few months, testing on the line has moved through a number of stages, achieving important milestones along the way.

Trains fitted with ETCS have been operating on the full length of the Shorncliffe Line between Bindha and Shorncliffe stations since February, seamlessly transitioning between QR’s current signalling system and ETCS.

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