Trainguard MT transmits drive and control commands to the train control computer rather than directly to the driver, allowing the automatic system to take control after the driver has given the indication to proceed while also providing accurate stopping at station platforms. Commissioning of Suzhou Line 2, Qingdao Line 3 and the second phase of Chongqing Line 6, where Siemens has already won the contract for the first phase, is set for 2014.

Suzhou's second metro line is 26km long and will have 22 stations, crossing the city which has a population of 10 million from north to south. In Qingdao, an important port city with a population of 10 million, the city's first metro line will be 25km long and have 22 stations linking four important districts in the city by transporting around 235,000 passengers per day. The extension of Chongqing Line 6 will add 37km and 12 new stations to the 23.5km, 16-station first phase of the line which is due to open at the end of this year.