Guardia consists of both hardware and software installed in the train, and allows the driver to visualise the train’s position, speed and additional data, which is also transmitted to the control centre. Data such as track warrants can be collected at the same time.

Stadler formed a joint venture with Italian automatic train protection system manufacturer Mermec in July to develop ETCS capabilities, while also setting up an engineering site in Wallisellen, Switzerland.

BLS placed an order in January for 52 Flirt EMUs that will enter operation between 2021 and 2025, with an option for 90 additional units.

“We are delighted to be able to equip BLS trains with our automatic train protection system,” says Stadler’s head of signalling, Mr Alexandre Grêt. “To ensure the company’s independence, it is important for Stadler to be able to offer its own signalling solutions. This is also a significant step forwards into the digital future for Stadler.”

“We welcome this competition in the field of automatic train protection systems and are convinced that Guardia will prove to be an innovative, reliable and flexible automatic train protection system for our BLS Flirt trains,” says BLS project manager, Mr Stefan Maurer. “It will keep our annual system operating costs low, and vehicle availability high. Alongside the security aspect, it will also be of direct benefit to our customers.”

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