SNCB, Belgium, will receive nearly €7m for the installation of ETCS Level 2, baseline 2, on 64 M6 double-deck coaches and 10 class 66 locomotives, and ETCS Level 2, baseline 3 in an I11BDx cab.

In Denmark, almost €4m will be allocated for the prototyping, installation and testing of ETCS Level 2, baseline 3 on 52 locomotives currently in service, as part of the national rollout of ETCS Level 2, baseline 3 by 2021.

More than €3.5m will be given to Luxembourg operators to equip 85 locomotives with ETCS levels 1 and 2 and baselines 2 and 3 to allow them to operate in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

In addition, a British company will be allocated €750,000 to equip 10 Bombardier Traxx locomotives with ETCS Level 2, baseline 2 for operation in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.