THALES has unveiled its eighth generation SelTrac CBTC system, which includes a set of advanced features to allow operators to manage network growth, extensions, and fleet expansions as well as quickly respond to and manage disruption on metro networks.

SelTrac G8 features a new digital architecture with flexible options designed to minimise the amount of trackside equipment required. The G8 platform can also provide an upgrade to existing SelTrac systems.

While some signalling systems may have a lifespan of 30 years or more, some elements can become obsolete much more quickly. Thales says the SelTrac G8 is designed to enable future technologies to be integrated as part of performance upgrades or obsolescence management processes. The system can also be upgraded through software updates.

The system also supports processes which will enhance operation to maintain availability and punctuality. This includes condition monitoring to support maintenance, along with increased resiliency, which can be combined with hardware and software enhancements to extend the system life without interrupting operation.

Thales says the system is autonomy-ready, with the autonomous capabilities designed to make both greenfield and brownfield CBTC deployments faster and easier, with rapid train conversion and minimal trackside equipment.

“With this new generation of the SelTrac system, Thales is supporting the digital transformation of urban rail operators by delivering an innovative solution that includes the latest technologies and paves the way for the autonomous train operations of the next 30 years and beyond,” says Mr Alcino de Sousa, VP, managing director, Thales’s Urban Rail Signalling.