The cabinets house the signalling, electrical power and telecommunications equipment for the ERTMS system.

Infranord will carry out the installation of three different sizes of cabinets on the Malmbanan, which is one of Sweden’s oldest and busiest lines with a high frequency of iron ore freight trains, under the SKr 44m ($US 4.7m) contract. The contract is valid until December 2021 with the possibility of another one year extension for the Boden - Gällivare section.

As part of the introduction of ERTMS, Trafikverket is carrying out a programme to simplify and digitise the signalling system on the line to reduce costs and make it more compact. That includes replacing around 760 mechanical switches with 160 computerised switches.

ERTMS also replaces legacy lineside signals with in-cab signalling, which provides a more robust system that is cheaper to maintain and more reliable.

Trafikverket included the renewal of signalling systems with the rollout of ERTMS in the National Transport Infrastructure Plan released in 2018, with the new system set to cover most of the network by the end of the 2020s.