IN 2018, MPPR decided to overhaul its rail infrastructure and stations, convert the cog system from Abt to Strub, refurbish the existing SLM Bhm 4/8 rolling stock and purchase additional vehicles, including a snow blower. This snow-clearing vehicle, purchased from Stadler, was designed and assembled by Stadler’s partner Zaugg Eggiwil.

A diesel-hydraulic unit powers the snow clearing mechanism, which consists of two snow cutting reels that can be raised and lowered together and separately extended horizontally. The two ejection chutes can direct the snow independently from each other. The snow-clearing system is controlled by an operator in the driver’s cab, while the unpowered, two-axle snow blower is pushed via a semi-automatic coupling by one of the new Stadler Hm 4/4 locomotives in snow-clearing mode which is operated from the driver’s cab in the snow blower via a remote-control unit. The cab is equipped with an advanced vehicle control system with detailed diagnostic features.

The components and subsystems are suitable for an altitude of 4300m, and the vehicle is equipped with a cogwheel for additional brake performance and a height adjustable track clearing plough at the downhill end. The vehicle provides a safe working environment suited to harsh conditions and high altitude and is designed according to Swiss regulations for cog rail service vehicles.