“We are working on several versions of new locomotives, some of which should be on the market between 2022 and 2023,” says CZ Loko’s CEO Mr Josef Gulyás. “We hear from customers not only in Western Europe that they no longer want purely diesel locomotives. We respect current developments across the market and listen to the views of our clients and partners.”

The new range of hybrid locomotives will be based on the HybridShunter 400.

The new range of locomotives is based CZ Loko’s HybridShunter 400, which uses battery power but has a CAT C4.4 backup diesel engine with an output of about 130kW. An eight-hour battery charge produces sufficient power for 16 hours of operation. Trial operation with a prototype locomotive will begin this year. CZ Loko says several Czech industrial companies have expressed their interest in testing the new locomotive under normal conditions.

The 80-tonne DualShunter 2000 electro-diesel locomotive will have an output of around 2MW and will be based on the EffiShunter 1000, the first CZ Loko locomotive to meet European Union TSI standards. The locomotive will still have a diesel engine, but there will also be a pantograph and traction equipment for operation on electrified lines.

Artist's impression of CZ Loko's Effiliner2000 electric-battery locomotive.

The EffiLiner 2000 will have an output of nearly 2MW. The Bo-Bo diesel-electric locomotive will have a battery with an equivalent output of 400kW.

The 80-tonne DualLiner 2000 hybrid locomotive will be able to operate on lines electrified at 3kV dc and 25kV 50Hz ac and will have a diesel engine. The locomotive will have the same output of 2MW and 120km/h maximum speed whether operating in electric or diesel mode.