A wide variety of data and interfaces have been integrated into the trip planner, including public and private transport, demand-responsive services (DRT), road traffic information, car sharing providers, taxi, bike and pedestrian routing.

The new app will eventually be integrated into the Rejseplanen app, one of the most popular apps in the country with more than 3.7 million downloads.

As a special feature for the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen from September 17-21, the MinRejseplan app will provide congress visitors with an electronic ticket granting free transport with all public modes in Copenhagen as well as special discounts for ride-sharing services and taxis.

“Together with all the public transport companies in Denmark we want to increase mobility and make it easy to be on the move,” says Rejseplanen CEO, Ms Christina Hvid. “Better mobility has three big outcomes: the citizen gets a better quality of life, public transport usage increases and in general, society benefits from the increased mobility. Therefore we have developed MinRejseplan where all means of transport are integrated.”