KNORR-Bremse and German Rail (DB) have signed a cooperation agreement to share train operating data to support the development of condition-based maintenance technologies. 

The agreement provides for the use of existing vehicle and system data held by the partners and for the collection of additional data in the future, with the aim of utilising big data insights to enhance condition-based maintenance for rail vehicles. 

It is hoped that the cooperation will ultimately reduce maintenance costs and enable increased efficiency for operators, reducing rolling stock downtime and minimising maintenance. 

DB will use the data to increase vehicle availability and improve the cost-efficiency of vehicle maintenance.  

Knorr-Bremse hopes that access to the data will enhance its digital and value-added services, including onboard condition-monitoring, wear prediction, and corresponding software support for systems such as door controls for double-deck coaches.  

“The agreement with DB is an outstanding example of how smart vehicle and fleet data processing and the insights that it provides into the condition of onboard systems can be used to optimise maintenance intervals and costs,” says Mr Mark Cleobury, board member at Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems. “Partnerships like this allow us to work with our customers to further increase the availability of rail transportation.”