The agreement was signed by Mr Gianfranco Battisti, managing director of FS, and Mr Marco Alverà, managing director of Snam, and covers feasibility studies and the development of joint projects for the implementation of hydrogen infrastructure on lines throughout Italy.

FS and Snam will begin by setting up a working group to evaluate possible pilot projects for the replacement of fossil fuels with hydrogen.

The companies will also experiment with technology for the production, transport, compression, storage, supply and use of hydrogen, and work towards the implementation of the technology on the network through joint ventures, which will be carried out through further specific agreements between the parties.

“The agreement signed with Snam confirms the importance for FS of encouraging sustainable mobility, in full consistency with the European guidelines of the Green New Deal,” says Battisti.

“With this agreement, we are taking an important step in promoting a hydrogen supply chain in Italy starting from sectors that are crucial for decarbonisation, such as the transport of people and goods,” says Alverà. “We aim to create infrastructure to rapidly convert trains currently powered by diesel in Italy to hydrogen and thus acquire a technological leadership to also be capitalised at an international level.”