HITACHI Rail has launched four new products at the Railway Systems Supplies Inc Communication & Signal (C&S) exhibition in Indianapolis aimed at improving railway reliability, safety and performance in North America. 

The Japanese company has identified the North American market as a key priority and is focused on developing technology for freight and passenger transport as well as digitalisation. 

The four new products unveiled at the show comprise: 

  • a new Vital Onboard Train Control platform that is designed to improve safety and operations 
  • ViPro vital processor for vital and non-vital wayside signalling and PTC applications, which is designed for freight and mass transit applications and combines core train control capabilities with the next generation of communications, monitoring and analytics  
  • an improved Model 95-E gate crossing mechanism which has an electronic control module and dustless motor technology to eliminate maintenance problems, and 
  • new signal and material packages designed specifically for freight and commuter operators to provide engineering services and turnkey wired signal houses for wayside signalling and crossing locations.