The solution, which is already being deployed in China, was developed to ensure information synergy between passengers, trains, and infrastructure, and cope with the higher-speeds and more intelligent wireless communications technologies needed for autonomous operation, intelligent trains, and smart stations.

Huawei says the LTE-R solution supports 5G evolution and interconnectivity with GSM-R. Features include multiple trunking services such as Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) voice, video, and data, and leveraging one LTE-R network to enable train control, train dispatching, passenger information system (PIS), CCTV, and other services.

The LTE-R solution enables wireless voice and data communications onboard, from train-to-ground and from train-to-train.

TCB 712 has worked with Huawei in developing GSM-R solutions and the LTE-R solution since 2010, and the system has also been used by customers in South Africa.