CUSTOMERS can choose the hybrid configuration that suits the locomotive’s use and thus match its equipment to the real operational profile. The vehicle architecture facilitates the use of drive variants equipped with energy storage technology like traction batteries, diesel engines and fuel cells. As switching quickly between operating modes like catenary and onboard power supply is also done while the locomotive is moving, the new concept offers maximum flexibility with a better environmental footprint and lower costs.

In order to comprehensively integrate condition-based maintenance (CBM) into a locomotive, the new DM 20 platform was designed for serviceability. Its heart - the Digital Intelligence Centre - combines the locomotive’s component-based status and location information to provide the modelling data for a digital twin using live analyses. The CBM concept defines specific reference variables for the locomotive’s essential components. These are logged live via sensors and analysed by monitoring logic using thresholds, making it possible to rectify a problem quickly using augmented reality.