SÃO Paulo Metro has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) predictive maintenance system that can anticipate faults across escalators, lifts, trains, tunnel ventilation and power supply systems, and schedule maintenance ahead of a failure occurring.

The Asset Monitoring System (AMS), which is now in use across the metro’s 1-Blue, 2-Green, 3-Red and 15-Silver lines, was developed in-house by São Paulo Metro technicians and engineers.

As well as generating an alert when a failure is detected, the system also provides information to accelerate decision-making. The AMS is monitored from the Metro Maintenance Control Centre (MCC) at the Jabaquara rolling stock maintenance facility.

The MCC operator receives the data collected from the equipment and triggers the maintenance team to take action before the problem interferes with operation of the line. The MCC is also provided with an overview of the complete system and can provide remote support to maintenance teams.