The 106-page document contains 54 innovative products and methods which Shift2Rail has worked on alongside its members and key stakeholders since the initiative was founded in 2016. The solutions featured are from all five of Shift2Rail’s asset-specific Innovation Programmes, and highlight specific solutions, their delivery date and the potential benefits for final users, operators, infrastructure managers, and suppliers.

For example, for IP1-Passenger Trains there are 18 solutions, ranging from Master Silicon Carbide semi conductors, new functions supporting autonomous door operation, and the austempered ductile iron spoke wheel.

Talking to IRJ in Tokyo, Borghini says that InnoTrans 2018 was a turning point for Shift2Rail with the first tangible results of the programme on show, and this launch is another key milestone for the programme. However, he hopes the second phase of the initiative, which will begin in 2021, will be able to focus on operational ideas and principles rather than simply delivering individual technologies or systems.

“We are working on developing a System of Systems, which is something done in aviation and defence when dealing with complex ideas,” Borghini says. “We need to be able to understand the complexity by bringing these different elements together. While before we might not have been able to do this, technology is now available to act as the enabler. Before there were no super computers or AI, but now digitalisation is making this process easier.”

Borghini says he expects increased pressure from the European Commission for Shift2Rail to produce results in the next five-year legislative period. However, he says this reflects the importance of the initiative, and rail, delivering a Green Deal for Europe. “It is important to maintain this momentum,” he said.  

He also hopes that Shift2Rail can increasingly addresses the varying needs of different rail market segments, in particular urban rail, and boost interoperability between modes.

A second edition of the catalogue is expected to be ready for InnoTrans 2020 next September.

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