THE CMS-10R IoT messaging system is a remote monitoring and control solution that is suitable for use in remote, difficult to access locations. The system, which can also be used as a remote relay, can be added to new systems or integrated into existing systems.

The system’s low power consumption allows the unit to be powered either from the vehicle’s onboard battery or a separate battery to monitor different components such as batteries, fire detectors, or location systems.

ComatReleco’s CMS-10R IoT messaging system is connected to an Internet of Things (IoT) platform with integrated eSIM, allowing it to be configured and controlled from any location. The CMS-10R reports status changes from digital or analogue inputs via a push notification, email, SMS, or phone call, with these outputs controlled via a web browser or smart phone app. The configured outputs can also be changed with a phone call or via an SMS sent to the device.