Power supplies from overhead contact lines experience high energy surges which cannot be absorbed by traditional components such as varistors or transorbs. The active surge limiter from IntreXis does not dissipate surge energy. Instead, it is stored and recycled into the converter stage over time.This means the surge limiter can withstand very long and repetitive surge impulses according to UIC 550: 12kV for 1ms, falling to 2.54kV within 20ms.

The low-battery voltage starter supplies 250W with no derating over the entire temperature range from -40°C to 85°C according to EN 50155:2017, classes OT4 and ST2. As well as continuous output power, the dc/dc converter offers an extra power boost to drive contactors up to 400W/0.5s. The device comes with output voltages of 24V dc or 110V dc. In addition, the device has a high efficiency level of up to 91.7%, low standby power of less than 7W, and useful features such as external on/off and dc-ok signals.