The system will store and verify data collected from more than 200 sensors built into each monitored locomotive. Vostock’s blockchain platform will be integrated with the SmartMaintenance solution developed for TMH by Clover Group, which performs intelligent diagnostics and forecasting to optimise the technical condition of a locomotive.

“Low-quality data can cause exponential damage to locomotives by making it difficult to understand how and when to take pre-emptive and corrective actions,” says TMH general director, Mr Kirill Lipa. “This has a knock-on effect on the efficiency of the entire locomotive. New technology provides necessary solutions to these problems.”

TMH says the system from Vostok will ensure that data collection is carried out both transparently and immutably, providing greater protection from unauthorised changes and possible data loss. It says the implementation of the new system will increase the speed at which incoming data is checked, reduce the resources required to detect anomalies, and ultimately improve the quality of predictive analytics.

The trial operation of the new system is expected to commence before the end of the year, with the full operation, which covers all vehicles operated by TMH and Locomotive Technology, due to begin before the end of 2019.

“Big data analyses is the basis of competitiveness in the digital society of the future,” says Clover Group general director, Mr Denis Kasimov. “Today, companies from a variety of sectors are beginning to collect raw data. However, not all have learned to extract value and useful information from them for business use and for restructuring business processes. It is vital that the collected data is immutable and accessible, and the distributed storage is ensured.”