SkedGo will build Vy’s new journey planner and develop ways to increase capabilities for door-to-door travel and intermodality. Vy operates passenger rail, bus, freight transport and mobility and tourism services in Norway and Sweden.

The project will focus on ease of use and improving the passenger experience, with passengers able to tailor their trips according to personal preferences such as low carbon emissions, cost, time and convenience.

“Our goal is to enable our passengers to plan their travel seamlessly from door-to-door, not only station-to-station,” says Vy project lead, Mr Jon Olimstad. “New technologies make it possible for us to offer modern and flexible solutions for our passengers. We are integrating our train and bus services tightly together with first and last mile offerings so that our customers can easily find and book door-to-door journeys in the same place, on Vy’s website and app.”

The solution will include integrated maps covering all of Scandinavia and a search feature to find locations based on address, points of interest and public transport stations. Users will be able to visualise the suggested routes on a map.