The cellular-based radio communications system will be used by IR as well as emergency services and cellular networks to link and activate end stations and interfaces. At least three transmitters are required.

The BTS base transceiver station must include TRX and Apco/Tetra, communication equipment, a combiner, antenna, control system, and adjusting system. The winner will be required to use RAMS mechanisms based on Cenelec EN50126.

The cellular system must provide full Wi-Fi coverage for passenger trains running at up to 160km/h throughout the A1 link including tunnels, interconnecting tunnels, bridges, control rooms, security rooms, and on field security vehicles. The communication equipment for installation in tunnels must comply with IEC 60068-2-64 and EN 50124. All the communication cables must meet low-smoke halogen, fire-retardant jacket IEC 332-1 standards.

The winner has to provide full coverage of the following existing radio systems:

  • IR's VHF system, and future GSM-R system - IR plans to expand the existing cellular systems by adding GSM and IDEN
  • the Israeli police, fire fighting service, and rescue forces radio systems.
  • the IDF-Israeli Defence Army Rear Command Orange Lightning radio system, and
  • the Red Star of David first aid organisation radio system.