Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail) is organising a call for expression of interest aimed at establishing a reserve list of Temporary Agents for a Head of Innovation Pillar profile.

Apply here:

Jon description

The Head of Innovation Pillar is a key middle manager in the organization, directly reporting to the Executive Director of EU-Rail. S/he will be responsible for leading research & innovation activities of the Innovation Pillar. The post holder will be central to the implementation of the EU-Rail integrated Programme, in coordination with the Head of System Pillar. S/he is expected to provide quality, efficiency, effectiveness and enhancement of the processes and outputs s/he is responsible for. S/he will oversee the work performed within the projects implementing the Innovation Pillar to achieve the objectives of the EU-Rail Master Plan. With a service-minded approach s/he is expected to lead a team of indicatively eleven colleagues, including Senior Programme Manager who supervise the Programme Managers’ assignments.

Eligibility criteria

At the closing date of applications, a candidate must:

  • Be a national of a member state of the European Union
  • Be entitled to his or her full rights as a citizen
  • Have the appropriate character references as to suitability for the performance of duties1
  • Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the applicable laws concerning military service
  • Be physically fit to perform the duties linked to the post

Moreover, in order to be eligible, candidates must:

  • Have a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma when the normal period of university is 4 years or more


  • Have a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma and at least one year of appropriate professional experience when the normal period of university is 3 years

In addition the all of the above, candidates must:

  • have an appropriate professional experience3 of at least 12 years
  • have a thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the EU and a satisfactory knowledge of a second of EU language to the extent necessary to perform his/her duties

Essential qualifications and experience

  • Suitability to perform the tasks described in section 2 of this vacancy notice
  • Proven work experience in coordinating, managing and monitoring large industrial research projects with multiple actors in a national, European and/or international environment and involving funding from public sources
  • Excellent knowledge of EU transport policy and the Horizon Europe research agenda
  • At least 5 years of professional experience with research and innovation in the field of activities of EU-Rail and familiarity with regulatory policy and practice relevant to the Joint Undertaking's fields of action
  • At least 5 years professional experience in a role as team leader or equivalent
  • A track record of delivering constructive solutions, successful business outcomes and exploiting synergies
  • Very good knowledge of written and spoken English
  • Proficient user of MS Office, O365 and Project management tools

About EU-Rail

Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail) is established by Council Regulation (EU) 2021/2085 of 19 November 2021. It is the new European partnership on rail research and innovation established under the Horizon Europe programme (2020-2027) and the universal successor of the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking. The vision of EU-Rail is to deliver, via an integrated system approach, a high capacity, flexible, multi-modal and reliable integrated European railway network by eliminating barriers to interoperability and providing solutions for full integration, for European citizens and cargo. This partnership aims to accelerate research and development in innovative technologies and operational solutions. This will support the fulfilment of European Union policies and objectives relevant for the railway sector and the competitiveness of the rail sector and the European rail supply industry. In this way, EU-Rail will accelerate the penetration of integrated, interoperable and standardised technological innovations necessary to support the Single European Railway Area (SERA). For further information, please consult the following website: