The contract will cover the initial purchase of 10 uni-direction, 100% low-floor LRVs with a maximum passenger capacity of 246, with an option to purchase an additional five sets.

The LRVs must be compatible with Potsdam’s existing 1435mm-gauge light rail network and 750V dc power supply, and be 42m long and 2.3m wide with a minimum curve radius of 19.5m and the ability to operate on 6% gradients.

The vehicles must be constructed using steel bodyshells, with a maximum of 13 doors. The vehicles must offer a high level of comfort for passengers, including accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility and offer four multi-functional areas for wheelchairs, pushchairs and bicycles.

The contract will include the provision of spare parts, as well as maintenance and inspection under a 10-year service contract, with the option for ViP to extend the agreement for another six years. Maintenance work will be carried out by ViP staff under the supervision of the LRV supplier.