Next year DB Networks plans to renew more than 3000km of track, 2350 switches and crossings, two million sleepers, and four million tonnes of ballast across its 34,000 route-km network. DB says it is looking to coordinate projects on specific routes in order to minimise disruption to traffic.

Key projects for 2014 include:

  • infrastructure works on the Hamburg – Hannover line, including the completion of the third track on the Stelle – Lüneburg section
  • refurbishment of the original Schlüchtern tunnel on the Frankfurt – Fulda line
  • bridge refurbishment between Rosenheim and Salzburg
  • track and platform renewal on the Graben-Neudorf – Karlsruhe Hagsfeld section of the Mannheim – Karlsruhe line, requiring a blockade between July 31 and September 15
  • upgrading of the Munich – Ingolstadt line for 200km/h operation, and
  • remodelling and refurbishment of the long-distance platforms (platforms 10-15) at Leipzig Main Station.