The RSR110 aims to simplify the generation of various types of data. It is supplied without an evaluation board, and its open analogue interface enables the system to be applied to the customer's specifically-developed system electronics, which Frauscher says reduces the amount of hardware required.

The analogue signal from the RSR110 can be interpreted to meet specific requirements. The flexible interface allows a wide range of applications such as axle counting, wheel diameter calculation, speed measurement, as well as triggering trackside equipment, such as AEI card readers, vision monitoring systems, hot box and wheel flat detectors, lubricators or warning systems.

Frauscher is now developing a sensor family based on the RSR110 aimed specifically at the North American market. The RSR110_002, which will be trialled with a US Class 1 railway during the next few months, will be equipped with only one sensor system which can be integrated into the existing system. This will provide a customised solution for applications where only a traversing axle has to be detected.

The wheel sensor signal converter WSC eases the basic evaluation of the analogue sensor signal. It will support both system integrators and operators in planning and operating new systems when realising various applications using the RSR110 sensor family. The RSR110_002 will be available next year.